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Video Adaptes

VGA to RGB Video Converter
The Magenta Research VGA to RGB Video Converter converts a VGA separate sync RGBHV video signal into an RGB sync on green video signal. Perfect for use in a tri-coaxial environment to save on cabling costs with video switches, the VGA to RGB converter can also be used to interface to RGB input display devices. The VGA to RGB converter feaures a standard 15HD input connector and BNC coaxial connectors on the ouput. No switches to set, adjustments to tweak or power supply required - just plug it in and go. Measuring only 2.9" x 2.13" x 0.65", the VGA to RGB converter is small and compact.
RGB to VGA Video Converter
The Magenta Research RGB to VGA Video Converter is an active electronic device that converts a triple coaxial RGB sync on green computer signal to a true RGBHV separate sync VGA compatible signal with a 15HD VGA connector. The RGB to VGA converter enables the use of standard VGA displays with older RGB based systems. An external power supply is required. Note that the RGB to VGA video converter does not change scan frequencies so the VGA display must support the horizontal and vertical frequencies of the RGB signal.




Keyboard Splitter
Use TWO keyboards on a SINGLE PC
 Supports all PS2 or PC-AT keyboards
 No external power supply required
 Use with the mouse and monitor splitter to a complete second user console
 Uses standard PS2 cables
Measures only 3.12"W x 0.82"H x 2.19"D
Mouse Splitter
Use TWO mice on a SINGLE PC
Supports all PS2 pointing devices
 No external power supply required
 Use with the keyboard and monitor splitter to a complete second user console
 Uses standard PS2 cables
 Measures only 3.12"W x 0.82"H x 2.19"D
Monitor Splitter
Use TWO monitors on a SINGLE PC
 Supports 1280x1024 resolution
 No external power supply required
 Use with the mouse and keyboard splitter to a complete second user console
 Uses standard VGA cables
 Measures only 3.12"W x 0.82"H x 2.19"D




Cost effective method for displaying computer video   on a television

Perfect for laptop presentations and video   productions

Autosize feature automatically sizes image to   display - no time consuming adjustments to make

 1600x1200 maximum resolution (1024x768 without    line dropping)

 Composite, S-Video, and RGB outputs

Switchable between NTSC and PAL formats


       The Magenta Research ScanMaster is an easy to use cost effective solution to display

computer video on any compatible video device.

     Now you can display high quality computer generated presentations on TV's, video projectors,

or video recorders.

     The ScanMaster offers high quality scan conversion from a PC or Mac to standard video

outputs. The ScanMaster is designed for ease of use and performance for those wanting a simple to

use but feature-packed unit.

     For the corporate user they are powerful assistants for Presentations, Conferences and


     Supports resolutions of up to 1024x768 with no line dropping (but can go as high as 1600x1200)

at horizontal scan rates of up to 100kHz.

     Suitable for PC as standard, with Apple Macintosh support via an optional cable pack, the

units are NTSC and PAL switchable, with Composite Video, S-Video, and RGB outputs, making

them compatible with a vast range of equipment.





 Video Line Doubler (15.75KHz to 31.5HKz)

 Input: Composite, S-Video, PC monitor

 Output: 640x480 @ 60Hz

Stereo Audio inputs for each video source

Computer input pass-through


       The Magenta Research ScanView Video to VGA Line Doubler allows you to turn any VGA

Monitor, TFT Display or LCD Panel into a high quality Video Monitor for viewing standard analog

video signals.

     The ScanView automatically detects virtually all NTSC, PAL or SECAM video inputs, doubles

their scan rate from 15.75KHz to 31.5KHz and provides a standard VGA output signal.

     Front panel switches make it easy to select appropriate source. Controls to adjust Brightness,

Contrast, Color and Tint as well as an On-Screen Display make set up a breeze.

     RCA Stereo Audio inputs for each video source. PC audio via 3.5 mm connector and audio

output via 3.5mm connector



Split6 VGA DA


Split6 VGA DA
 15HD VGA connectors for easy cabling

 ID dipswitches emulate local monitor

 Fully compatible with all of our Multiview video   over   CAT 5 products

 Rugged metal enclosure

 Rack mountable


        The Magenta Research Split6 Video Distribution Amplifier distributes a single high resolution

computer video source to 6 displays or it can be used with our MultiView video over Cat5 products to

increase the number of displays driven.

     Featuring standard 15HD VGA connections, standard VGA cabling can be used. Fully rack

mountable, the Magenta

     Research Split6 DA is the perfect solution for your UXGA video distribution needs.





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