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VGA & Video to CAT5 Converter


CAT5 Extender Products

MultiView PC
• Transparent operation - no software to load

• Supports video resolutions up to 1280x1024

• Uses industry standard CAT5 structured cabling

• Small and compact. Units measure 4.0" W x 4.3" D   x 1.2" H


      Manage all of your computing assets with the MultiView PC™ computer extender. Centralize

all of your valuable hardware and software in a secure, environmentally friendly omputer room.

Increase space at the users desk by remotely placing the computer elsewhere.Control access to

hardware and software to prevent theft and virus infection. Easily maintain your system for repairs

and upgrades.




USB Link

• Extends the range of USB devices up to 328 feet (100m) over CAT5 UTP cable

• Fully compliant with USB 1.1 Specification

• External power can be located at host or device end

• Includes a USB cable, power adapter and user guide

• USB Link: single port / one device CAT5 USB extender

• USB Link4P: four-port USB hub (integrated into the receiver) CAT5 USB extender

      The Magenta Research USB Link and USB Link4P are designed to extend the range of the USB bus up to 328 feet (100 meters) over standard CAT5 UTP cable. Both are fully compliant with the   USB 1.1 Specification and deliver all the benefits of USB, including remote device powering,         plug-and-play operation and cross-platform flexibility.

USB Link and USB Link T4 operate over standard CAT5 UTP cable. They are transparent
to the operating system and require no additional software for either the computer or the target devices.

The USB Link systems offer the convenience of locating the power at either end. Depending on    where the power adapter is located, the USB Links can support both high-
and low-power units.







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