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VGA & Video to CAT5 Converter


CAT5 Video, Audio, Serial Distribution

MultiView 450™
• Highest quality video reproduction over CAT5 cable at a budget friendly price.


 • Standard CAT5 cabling is used throughout the system

 • RS232 serial versions for Touchscreen applications.

 • Mono, Stereo Audio or SPDIF digital  Versions.

 • Flexible Distribution options.

 • Small, compact space saving

The Magenta Research MultiView 450™ Video Distribution system is the Highest Quality,

most flexible   solution to  distribute   High Resolution computer video to one or hundreds

of displays.

Featuring RS232 serial, mono, stereo or SPDIF audio,
       many versions of MultiView 450™ are available:

  • MultiView 450 High  Resolution Video over 450' of CAT5

  • MultiView 450A High Resolution Video & Audio over 450' of CAT5

  • MultiView 450S High Resolution Video & Serial Control over 450'of CAT5

  • MultiView 450PC High Resolution Video & Keyboard and Mouse 450' of CAT5

  • MultiView 450AV Composite Video & Stereo Audio over 2,000' of CAT5

Multiple Distribution methods ensures flexibility  and ease of use:

  • MultiView 450 T4 Four Port Distribution Transmitter (video, audio, serial versions)

  • MultiView 450 DP Dual Port Daisy Chain Receiver (video, audio, serial versions


The ONLY CAT5 Video Distribution product that can go the distance!

Fourth generation design drives UXGA SIX times farther than the first generation

MultiView1000 1,500 feet at UXGA Video Resolution (1600x1200)!

MultiView 1500
• Highest quality video reproduction over CAT5 cable.

 • Supports RGBHV, RGB, VGA through UXGA; 1600 x1200 to 1500 ft

 • Standard CAT5 cabling is used throughout the system

 • RS232 serial versions for Touchscreen applications.

 • R/L Audio and SPDIF Versions.

 • Fully compatible with MultiView 450 transmitters.

 • Optional Integrated Skew Compensation.

The Magenta Research MultiView 1500™ Long Range CAT5 Receiver adds long distance cabling capabilities to the Magenta Research MultiView series of Video over CAT5 products.
Featuring 1600x1200 UXGA resolution to 1,500 feet of Cat5, the MultiView 1500 receiver is the solution for your video distribution long range cable needs.
Complete compatibility with all versions of MultiView 450 transmitter units means the MultiView 1500 can be easily added to existing installations without any changes.
Full modem serial communications to 1,000 ft at 19.2k baud, uni-directional serial from 1,000 ft to 1,500 ft.




MultiView Matrix CAT 5 Video Switch™
• CAT 5 inputs and outputs.

• Front panel push buttons or RS232 control.

• LED matrix visually shows all connections.

• Compact form factor: 8.12" L x 6.5" D x 1.75" H

• Full compatability with all versions of our
  Multiview 450 product line.

• Programmable presets for pre-defined settings.

•  Rack mountable with optional kit.


       The Magenta Research MultiView Matrix CAT 5 Video Routing switch is the perfect companion

 to our MultiView 450 video distribution system.With complete compatability of all versions of our

 MultiView 450 CAT 5 distribution products, the MultiView Matrix allows you to switch any input

 signal to any output.

     The CAT 5 cable interface connections are clean and neat, reducing space since bulky RGBHV

BNC cables are not required.

     Easy control options; front panel lighted push buttons and/or RS232 serial control, make

operation a breeze The unique LED matrix shows at a glance which inputs are connected to which

outputs. Pre-defined macros can be created for specific switch settings, allowing you to quickly and

easily change inputs/outputs at the touch of a button.




MultiView 350AVIR
• Distribute SATV, CATV, DVD, VCR's.

• Standard CAT5 cable carries video, audio, and IR   remote control signals.

• Any compatible IR remote can be used.

• Easy to install and maintain.

    The Magenta Research MultiView350 AVIR system is a simple solution to distribute television video, audio AND IR Remote control signals throughout an office or public facility using standard Category 5 structured cabling.

     Supporting standard composite video and stereo audio signals along with the IR remote control, the Magenta Research MultiView350 AVIR system is the choice for ease of use and quick nstallation.

     Distribute CATV, SATV, DVD, VCR's etc on structured cabling throughout your facility. Install all the A/V units in a centralized location and simply connect the Magenta Research MultiView350 AVIR to any location you need to display and control your A/V sources.


• Utilize existing CAT5 cabling infrastructure to   distribute cable TV

• Access 125 channels

• Transparent operation - NO software required

• Saves valuable network bandwidth

• Easy to install and maintain

• Small, compact space saving design


      The Magenta Research TV-Link cable television distribution system is the perfect solution for

easily distributing 125 cable or satellite channels over CAT5 structured cabling.

      Perfect for call centers, trading floors, situation rooms, 911 centers and large office complexes -

anywhere that cable television information distribution is required.

    Utilizing standard CAT5 cabling ensures a future-proof design as well as ease of installation and

maintenance. Moves, adds and changes are a snap - simply connect a demodulator to a desktop

unit and you're set to go




AudioCast (Audio Distribution)
• Distribute any audio signal up to 1,000 feet

• Transparent operation - no software to load

• Uses industry standard RJ45 cabling

• Audio Baluns are small and compact


        The Magenta Research Audio Distribution System, AudioCast, is the perfect solution to

remotely extend audio signals up to 1,000 feet. Or use our audio baluns in standalone modes.

     Perfect for conference room or presentation facilities, the Audio Distribution System can be

used for extending computer audio to an audio/visual control system or distributing one source to

many locations - the possibilities are endless.

     Combine Audio Distribution with our MultiView™ video distribution system to add video on

standard CAT5 cabling







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